Deleting records from multiple views of the same table?


I have a table of contacts. I have multiple views of the same data to organize things differently. I have one view that splits them into one of the two main categories that they can be part of (ex: Male / Female). I opened that view, selected all “female” records, deleted, and that view is completely EMPTY. No records. But when I go back to the main view that has them all listed but grouped, they all show up under “female” still. ???


Not sure what was going on but I somehow managed to create a new view, group them again, filter based on that one type I wanted, and delete all… that worked.


Just to clarify, the Records of one Table exists only one time. Then, they could appear in several Views at the same time, depending on the Filters that you apply in the Views. If you delete some Records of the Table (from any View), they’re deleted and should not appear in any View.