Description Block typing glitch?

Is anyone else having an issue/glitch with the Description block, where the curser keeps jumping to the top of the page while you’re typing? It’s very annoying… I hope I am not accidentally hitting a shortcut key, but it keeps happening? I’m using a Lenovo PC.

Welcome to the community, @Leigh_Adler! :smiley: I’ve rarely used that block, but I installed it and took it for a quick spin, and it seems to be working fine here on my Mac. Do you have any helper applications installed that affect what you type?

Thanks for your response, Justin… It’s never happened before! I know it’s a “basic” block but I find it really useful for jotting ideas down.

The only helper application I have is grammarly - so I will try deactivate that and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

@Leigh_Adler This is a bug, and our engineering team is pushing out a fix for this in the next week or two. Thanks for pointing this out!

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Cool! Thank you :slight_smile:

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