Design for Recurring Work at Accounting Firm

I own an accounting firm where we do work cyclically. I have three tables:
CLIENTS (where I identify the assigned bookkeeper)
EEs (lists the bookkeepers)
RECURRING TASKS: (For example, Payroll for Hourly Employees)
This includes Client, Task, and Frequency.
Client A, Payroll for Hourly Employees, Bi-weekly
Client B, Payroll for Hourly Employees, Weekly

Based on this, I’d like to create a table (or view) that shows the bookkeeper her work within a specified time period. And, ideally, I’d like each instance of the task to be able to get ticked off (so each instance is a new record).

Which is to say:
Week one, the bookkeeper can see that she should run payroll for client B. Once she does, she checks it off (maybe includes the completion date and attaches the payroll report)
Week two, she sees that she needs to run the payroll for Client A and B. Again, she adds the completion date and the payroll report for each.

Do you have ideas about how to do this?

Thank you, community!

  • mary

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