Design form so that single or multiple select changes the following data prompts

Scenario: We have a list of imperiled species. We need to get expert information (habitats and threats) associated with these species. I need advice about how to set up the form.

  1. Should we use a different form for each species? How else would we guide the expert to cycle through all the species and fill in the required fields? Could set up a temporary website, with each species name linked to their form? But duplicate the identical form for all the species doesn’t seem smart.

  2. Our habitats and threats are classified in a hierarchical structure. Each species can have many habitats and many threats. I would like the expert to choose from 11 broad threat categories, and then be prompted to choose a more detailed threat for just that broad category without having to search through all the level 2 threats. Similar for Habitats. I am not sure what the best way to design the tables for these hierarchical classifications is - and then I’m not sure how to use them to best advantage in the form.



Airtable’s built-in forms aren’t robust enough to do what you need. I suggest checking out On2Air: Forms (by @openside) or Jotform, both of which can tie into Airtable