Designate a default table when opening Airtable?

Greetings Airtable Community!

I have a base with 6 tables that is shared with two collaborators. The most frequently used “master” table—named Events—is at the far left of the upper tab structure. Each time I open the base, this “master” table is selected. However, when my collaborators open the base, another less important table is selected.

Is there a way to force the base open to a specific table?

Thank you!

It should always re-open to the last table which they had open when they previously left the database.

There is no way to force Airtable to open to another table, but you can always just go to the actual URL of any table that you want in your web browser.

Many thanks for clarifying this for me @ScottWorld! Much appreciated!! :white_check_mark:

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