Development Mode / Sandbox


I’d like a way to be able to test a change a formula field to make sure that the field behaves as desired before committing the change to a live production base. Right now, I’m making a change to a calculated status field that uses data from a bunch of different tables. The best way I’ve found to make sure I’m not screwing up the live data in the field with the change is to duplicate the entire base into a “beta” base to ensure that the relationships and data are good examples of the live data, test the change, and then make the change in the real base once I’ve got it working.

I would love the ability to enter a sandbox mode in a base where I can experiment with changes and preview how the changes would affect the base without having to duplicate the entire base.

Duplicating the entire base seems like overkill to test a change to a single field.

The other issue I run into is that I sometimes test a bunch of changes in the test base and trying to remember what I’ve done and need to commit to the production base is difficult. I have a lot of Zapier integrations that use the production base which is why I can’t simply dupe and version the base like I would otherwise. Versioning the base in this manner would require that I update all the Zaps to the new base which would mean that I would have to re-create each zap from scratch once the new base is selected.


I agree with all of this - any app builder needs the ability to make changes in a dev/test environment and then roll them out into production. I would add the ability to roll out the same changes to more than one live version.

This would be especially useful for consultants producing solutions for clients (which is my interest).


Have you tried taking a snapshot of your database before trying a specific change? That should enable you to roll back to a working version in case the change doesn’t work. While not a traditional testing/production system, this approach would satisfy a slightly more casual need.


Can you describe the process you’re talking about?


Here’s the article about snapshots.