Dialogflow / API.AI integration with Airtable


I am trying to use Airtable to fulfill Dialogflow requests. I have limited coding knowledge. Wondering if there is anyone who has got this to work? This thread seems to imply it is possible - Create Slackbot for Airtable Lookup.


I assume you are wanting to have the data stored on your base on Airtable, accessed via Dialogflow?

You would probably want to use some third party service like Zapier to have both Airtable and Dialogflow interact with each other.

If in case such a third party does not exist which supports both Airtable and Dialogflow, your only other option is to write up some code and build this integration yourself.

The API docs provided by Airtable are pretty helpful and you might want to have a look at that.


Thanks for the advice. I eventually found a web app called Integromat which did the linking.



Hi @Tomas_Millar, would you share the settings of your scenario and how you manage the request from Diagloflow?

  1. In Integromat you create a webhook and follow the instructions to link this to your Dialogflow chatbot.

  2. You need to enable Webhook under the fulfillment tab in dialogflow and paste the URL supplied by integromat when you were setting up the webhook.

  3. You also need to “enable webhook call for this intent” in the individual Dialogflow intents.

  4. You then need to send some sample data to Integromat to interpret the data structure. You trigger this process from Integromat.

  5. Link Airtable to Integromat using the built in integration.

  6. setup whatever processing you need.

7 communicate back to Integromat using a “webhook response” node. You need to fill in the custom headers as shown in the attached image. You also need to make sure you format the JSON file back to Dialogflow according to the Dialogflow Fulfillment formatting and fields - https://dialogflow.com/docs/fulfillment

I hope that is enough to get you started. I might try and do a video tutorial at some point.



Thank you VERY MUCH!