Did it in Excel, how to do it here


Guys, I’ve had great success using Airtable for another project, and am thrilled with its functionality. Now I’m trying to map student progress on lessons. The lessons are given according to student readiness, not to a whole class, so each child moves at his own pace. There are still some benchmarks for approximately when a child is expected to receive them, though.
I’m attaching a screenshot of how I handled this in Excel. I used a formula to highlight which lessons were possibilities according to each child’s age. But in Airtable, I can’t seem to do something like this. I’ve added like 8 fields trying to get it to just reference the freaking age that I’ve already put into the Student table. Is there not any way to do a formula referencing a field in a different table?!


The simple answer to your question is yes, there is a way to reference data in another table.

BUT, you must link the two tables together first. (Each student in, for example, a ‘Students’ table would need to be linked to each applicable Lesson record in, for example, a ‘Lessons’ table). Then you can use a Lookup field to pull the data you need from the Students table. Once that data is referenced in your ‘Lessons’ table, you are free to do with it as you please.


That’s what I’m trying to avoid. I’ve had to add like 4 fields for each student just to get 1 to show up as intended.