Didn't receive the startup program credit, but I got an email said that I already did


I recently applied to airtable startup program with the hope to get some credits for our airtable account. But I received an email from airtable said that I have received credit and they can’t issue me more.

However, I’ve never received anything from airtable other than this email said I have received credit, which I didn’t… It is a bit confusing :confused: :confused: :confounded:. But that email is no-reply… so I ask the question here.

Also, there is 0 credit in my account and never received any credit from anywhere else either (screenshot attached)

I hope to get some help here… Thanks for reading.

Is the credit applied to you one workspace? Click it in the left sidebar and see if it says you have any credits applied.

Hi, I clicked on the side bar, nothing in there either.

That’s not the workspace settings page any more, click the down arrow next to “My First Workspace” and click “manage”. Then see if it says your credits were applied directly to your workspace.

Otherwise this is a question for support.

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I saw it! thank you :slight_smile:

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