Difference between free and creator plans?

I was given the free Creator plan when I signed up, which had everything I needed (I never got to see the difference between the regular free plan and the creator plan). I then invited my colleagues to join a workspace and they were given the creator plan individually. BUT when we started collaborating we got the PRO free trial. My question is: what happens after the trial? Do we all get the benefits of the creator plan, or will we go back to the regular free plan?

What is the difference between the regular free and the creator plan? We are a small group, so I am not concerned about usage limits or even automations or apps. I am concerned about losing views or the ability to color fields or group by fields. Does that go away when PRO does (assuming we don’t go back to the creator plan, just the regular free plan)? I don’t want to lose functionality on everything I just built over the past couple of weeks.

Hi @Sarah_Young1

One of the of differences of the Creator Plan, is you have all of the features of the Pro Plan, except, that you cannot have collaborators. Once you do, then you are automatically given a 30 day free trial for the Pro Plan.

The only way you could have stayed on the Creator Plan, is to share Read Only bases.

At lest this is my understanding.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

If you switch to the free plan, you will not loose any views and you will still be able to group by fields.

I’m not sure what you mean by the ability to color fields because Airtable does not have field level coloring. In general, you will still be able to use color wherever you are using color now, but with a much more limited palette. For example, if your single-select field values have colors, they will still be colored, but with fewer color choices.

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