Different amounts in different recipes

I’d like to build a simple recipe database. I have different ingredients which are parts in different recipes but the various quantities are the problem. I saw an article about this in here but being a total beginner couldn’t quite understand what it meant.

So I have a table for ingredients and a table for recipes but how I set the quantities. Like:

Recipe #1
2 lemon
2 peppermint
2 lavender

Recipe #2
1 lemon
5 lavender
4 spearmint

So when I am saving my recipe I would like to choose the quantity for each ingredient and the quantity of course is a different one according to the recipe I’m saving to my database.


Check out meal-planner with good combination of recipes and ingredients by @Kamille_Parks
You will get many ideas for recipes.



Thanks for the shoutout, @nea_lpatil.

What you would need to do is make a third table to pair ingredients with a quantity, and associate it to a recipe. The base I made (linked above) does this using a table called [Recipe Ingredients]. Feel free to make a copy of that base to use for yourself! I can explain it’s mechanics further if need be.


Thank you so much ladies.:blush::heartpulse: I will follow your advice.

I’m sorry (and feeling very stupid indeed) but when adding new recipes where do I change the quantity so that it’s different in each recipe. Say I want to use 3 tbsb lemon juice in other recipe and 5 tbsp in the other.

You enter that in the new table. Every record is like a line in the Ingredients section of a traditional recipe in paper. And you have to link those lines with its recipe.

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If you’re using my example, you would input the quantities of each ingredient in the [Recipe Ingredients] table, which would look something like this:

Notice how each ingredient quantity gets its own “line”, and each one is linked to a recipe.