Difficult to use with touchscreen even on 15" laptop

And here’s another point. I found that on an Airtable that would not scroll using the touchpad on my X1 (Windows 10) in an Edge browser, it scrolled fine in a Google Chrome browser. Try changing browsers.

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Has any progress been made on this front? I am using a Dell XPS 15 with touch screen and can scroll using the touchpad (or touch) while using Chrome to view AirTable, but not with the AirTable app from the Windows Store.

This is very aggravating and appears to be an ongoing/unaddressed issue.

What can we do to circumvent this?

Agreed. Trying to use it on chrome on my Surface Pro seem like a good way to use it for entry and review but it is useless with touchscreen. This feature would make Airtable perfect!

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Im trying the airtable Trial Version. Using it on a new surface pro. But I can’t scroll at all using the touch screen. What Im I missing or doing wrong?

Bump. Shouldn’t be too hard of a fix.

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Any update on this? Currently giving Surface Go to all my technical team and they can’t use Airtable when using touch… A really issue for us.

I emailed them not long ago about this and was basically told that it’s not in the works. Here is a direct quote from their response to me

Though this is something we plan to expand support for over time

Critical for me too for the same reason. I am not certain, but I think it has to do with the language that they are working in that is inhibiting this function. In other words, I think it would require a whole new rework of their system to implement.

It’s okay for apple and android devices as there are apps for them. Unfortunately, any Windows device is out of luck.

Having said that though, I guess that would mean Chromebooks work too … ??

All these years later and still an incredible oversight. You are quite literally the only modern business platform to not support touch interactions. I’m also moving my team to Surface Gos, and it looks like we’ll be dropping Airtable.

We’ll come back if you add support.

Yes, I agree. This issue is really hindering performance.

Our company wants to use AirTable for project tracking and scheduling, and need to use a tablet to access AirTable. The Android and iOS apps are just not quite powerful enough to use, and so we want to use the full site on a tablet. However, this is impossible to do because you can’t scroll on the web version of AirTable with a touch device…

AirTable staff, please please please add this feature! I feel like it is essential and would help you in the long run.

Wow… can’t believe this is still an issue! I see so many people using Surface Pros for productivity work, the fact that this issue has been outstanding for all this time is surprising. I definitely add my voice to those asking for this.