Direct link to table on iPhone desktop

Is it possible to create a link/shortcut on the iPhone desktop to a specific table?
This would save time as two steps become obsolete: A) scrolling down for the right table once the Airtable App has been clicked. B) Clicking On the Table

Have you tried sending yourself the table link from your desktop and paste it into safari and then using the share button in safari to “add to home screen”? This is what we use for shortcuts for forms on our mobile devices.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I just tried it n the iPhone but safari gives me this error message when trying to load the link(url) to the table:

The page you requested is only accessible from the Airtable mobile app or from a desktop browser.

I tried it and get the same issue. If you click the link that says “open in app” it will take you there but is definitely not ideal.

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