Disable Print View

We are trying to use Airtable to depict information with restriction on copying data and it doesn’t make sense for us to have the print view option. How do I disable it?

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Welcome to the community @Chameli_Kuduva!

It is not possible to disable the print view entirely from within Airtable. However, if you have sensitive information that you don’t want copied or saved there are a few things you can do to address that.

When sharing a base or view with other team members you can control the access level they have to read/edit the contents of the base. The documentation below also shows how you can customize this per view if you’d like!

In other words, you can create a view with only the information you want to share, and restrict collaborators to seeing just that view. There is also an option to “Allow viewers to copy data out of this view” which seems to be relevant to your question.

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I don’t think Matthew’s suggestions provide a solution. I would like to make certain columns of a large membership table accessible at a help desk, including mobile phone and email details. The ability to print the entire list to a PDF or printer is a privacy risk that cannot be taken. Is there no way the presence of that facility can be an “Allow viewers to print data out of this view” option?


@Jordan_Scott1, I would also like to bump this thread up. Providing a read only Network Directory that can be printed is not useful.


I agree- what is the point if a reader can print the information? It would be great to just have a disable button for this.

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