Disable revision history


Hi Airtable community.

We are contemplating to use Airtable for member sign-up in our non-profit organization, and would like to register social security number. However, we only need social security right after signup, and would like to delete it entirely after user registration, but in that case it would be retained in revision history. With the free account it’s only 14 days which might be liveable for us, but if we buy Airtable it get’s worse in this use case - retaining the history for much longer that 14 days.

Is it possible to disable revision history entirely, such that when deleting content from a cell it is completely deleted, also from any revision-history?

(We are based in Denmark, and teach kids to code. We need this as it is required that we request criminal record from the Danish police for all adults working with kids, and to do that we need social security numbers)



You can delete the revision history for all the Base, but not for an specific Record or Field:


Okay, thanks. So potentially, everytime a new user is created, we could send the request to the police, remove the social secury number and then delete all history for the base. My only question is now, why it says “visual revision history”, does visual mean that it doesn’t really delete it, but only hides it?



I don’t know, maybe because we see it visually and we don’t have any comparison toll for instance? :man_shrugging:

I don’t know what is your workflow, but you could also have an automation with Zapier or Integromat.

  • when you delete the Social Number, it enters in a View filtered by Social Number is empty
  • that record is recreated in a new one
  • the original record is deleted and the revision history is gone, but you maintain all the revision history for all the rest of the Base