Disappearing issue using form


I just faced the problem quite a few times. I made my form and put all the necessary questionnaires for my users’ interview and when I reopen the form it seemed a few of the questions are missing from the main form. I was wondering what a misbehave it is and facing it quite a few times make me crazy about it. Would be appreciated if you look at it asap and solve it for convenience.

Ahsan Habib Imrose
Founder, AgroChain

Welcome to the community, @Ahsan_Habib_Imrose! :smiley: I haven’t seen this behavior before. Did you have Airtable open in more than one browser tab? Or perhaps open in both a browser tab and in the standalone desktop app? I ran into an issue the other day in the latter category. Most of the time I only use the desktop app, but something I was doing opened a base in the browser, and I found things getting messed up because they weren’t staying in sync. That’s the only situation that I can think of that would cause the kind of behavior that you described.

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