Discount formula and multiple functions

Hello everyone! I’m trying to migrate from Google Sheets to Airtable, but still having issues creating a budget template for my projects…

As you can see in the screenshot below, my “total” and “tax” fields are working fine when I add numbers to the fields “QTY” and “COST”, however, my “SUBTOTAL” formula (also in the screenshot) always stays at zero, regardless if I do or do not add numbers to the fields “freight” or “Discount”.
I also would like my subtotal field to calculate the formulas even if “discounts” and “freight” are numbered as zero as I don’t always get a discount or have to pay for freight.

Can someone please help me understand what I’m doing wrong and how to solve it? It would be very much appreciated!

Hi @Jahsun_Daher_Golding ,

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First of all the discount field includes already numbers in percent formatting. So If you want to apply this discount the sum of {total} + {tax} + {freight}, you shouldn’t divide the discount again with 100. The correct the formula for the subtotal is:

({total} + {tax} + {freight})*(1-{discount})

The following formula returns the value of discount:

({total} + {tax} + {freight})*({discount})

Both formulas work even freight or discount is equal to zero.

Please text us back if this solved your problem.


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Hi @Dimitris_Goudis
Thank you so so much for this
The first formula worked for me!
The second one did not calculate the subtotal if a discount isn’t applied…
I really appreciate your time and help.
Thank you.

That’s good!
For the second case, if the {% discount}=0 then the result should be 0. This is the value of the discount.
Isn’t it something you want?

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