Display a single value in a lookup or formula field from another table

I have a table where we have products defined something like:

Product name | Client | Other product info

In another table, we have the columns:

Products selected | Client

You select multiple products for Products selected and the Client column is a lookup.

However, the same client shows up multiple times in the Client field if more than one of their products is selected. Is there a way to show any given client a single time in the Client field?

I had hoped that using a new field, Client unique with the ARRAYUNIQUE function would do it. But ARRAYUNIQUE only seems to work on numeric arrays.

Any idea how to accomplish this?


ARRAYUNIQUE should work, just make sure you don’t have an extra space before/after a client name that would force it to be unique

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Thanks. I had not explored rollup fields. So a rollup field with ARRAYUNIQUE(values) did it.


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I just reread your post and noticed you were using lookup. You beat me by 30s to mention rollup

I marked yours as a solution… I figured it out as I was going but wanted to credit you.

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