Display and edit data in columns for each month/day/year for project plans, timesheets, etc


As a business user, I would like to display and edit records with periodic values using a columnar layout so that I can view and update repeating data in a compact form. The columns should be based on a filter (such as a date range), so that one view can be used to dynamically change the range displayed. This capability would allow AirTable to replace separate software we use for time sheets (hours per day for each person), project planning (effort per month for each task), budgeting (amount per month for each account), and more. Displacing any one of these products would make Airtable pay for itself.

Implementation note: This is like a pivot table, but where data in each column can be edited and the range of the columns displayed is dynamic based on a filter.


could you make an example ??
I think what you want is possible already via linked tables