Display Bug of "see all X linked Record" on Iphone 7 (model A1660)

Dear Airtable Team,

Here is a video comparing the display of a long list of “products” linked to an “order” on 3 different phones: 2 iphones 7 ( A1660 et A1778) and 1 android phone (Redmi by Xiaomi).

The 2 Iphone 7 have different behavior when we click on the “see all X linked Record” (there are 12 records, only 10 records are displayed).
The Iphone 7 A1778 (in the center in the video) displays all 12 records correctly.
The Iphone 7 A1660 (on the right in the video) displays the 10 same records and FORGET the last 2 !!!
(no problem with the android phone)

Regards !

Welcome to the community, @Promis_Jure! :smiley: While the Airtable team does frequent this forum, this is primarily a user community. For issues you’d like to bring to the attention of the Airtable team, you’ll need to use the Airtable support form.

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