Display Full Images When "All Images" is Selected in Page Designer


My team needs to use the Page Designer block to print barcode labels. Each label must contain multiple, unique, scannable barcodes. We already have a way to create and upload multiple barcodes as image attachments to a given record, but once in Page Designer, we only have the option for “First Image” which displays the full image as expected, and then “All Images” which displays cropped, square thumbnails. Such thumbnails are not scannable, as our barcodes are cropped.

Please, if anyone knows how to use multiple “First Image” Page Designer elements to display sequential, unique images within one record, or if anyone knows how to override the auto-thumbnail setting, please let us know!

Thank you,



One solution is to make ALL image attachments square… But that wastes a TON of screen real estate in other views; we’re hesitant to go there.