Display images/preview thumbnails/poster frames from thumbnails/ using images from clipboard

I’m looking for a better way to save and share images through Airtable. We use ShareX to capture and comment images which we typically share in Slack: hit ctl-printscreen to grab an image, paste into a conversation and hit send. We’d like to use Airtable to document more of those tasks but it’s a hassle to get images into Airtable: browse to the ShareX document folder, find the file, upload, wait… ShareX can automatically upload to Imgur and put a URL on the clipboard instead of an image. It would be super-great if Airtable could show those URL images, page previews, poster frames etc. It would also be super-great if we could just paste images into the attachment field.

This is entirely possible in a custom app, but not a trivial development project. My hunch is Airtable is unlikely to favour deep integration with a specific vendor and instead encourage the vendor or the aftermarket community to fill this obvious and very useful integration.

Another approach is to integrate your Slack process such that it “CC’s” all images and conversations into the target Airtable table.

Perhaps relevant is this little script block I created a long time ago.

Thanks Bill!

The Gallery View script might work if we go with image file attachments. I also found the URL Preview app after I posted, but it doesn’t support very many services (Imgur?). The perfect solution might be a more capable preview block/app that supports both URLs and images.


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