Display inventory count by date

I would like to create a Table to check the number of items in stock by date and time.

└ Product Name (Link Table)
└ Unit

Product Name (LInk Table)
└ Unit

At this time, the same Product name and Date are used in Order and Production.
Is it possible to display items that have the same product name and date in different tables?

Even just a link somewhere or a general idea would be very helpful.



Do you need your Daily Product InvDaily table to show:
A. How many products were produced and ordered per day? (One record per day)
B. How many of each product were produced and ordered per day, each? (If there are 6 products, you would have 6 daily records)

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Sorry for the late reply.

If that’s the question, it’s B.
A record will be created for each product.

If you have 6 products, you have 6 records.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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