Display Lookup Field on Forms

I need to view reference data in order to complete my form.

I saw another request for this back in 2016. Is this feature anywhere on the roadmap?

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+1 for this feature!


Could you explain with an use case? I don’t get it :blush:

If you are completing a form that includes a record link, you might select a person’s name and then you might want to be able to see what the person’s favorite color is, without leaving the form. If the form could pull the favorite color data over after you selected the person’s name, that would be great.


Here’s another typical example…

You enter a product and quantity and want to see a total price - the form should be able to look up the price per item and show the calculated total - in other words, not only have look up fields showing but also formula fields.


This is exactly what I need, though for a unique purpose, so definitely upvoting it!

Here’s my use case…

Depending on the selection of a link to another record, I would like to display a lookup on that field. The link to the record is a list of options, and the lookup is a URL specific to that option. I’ve got about 200 option / URL pairs. The URL is needed by the form submitter before they submit the form.

So in summary, could really benefit from having the option to display lookup fields and formula fields (both read only) on a Form that dynamically updates based on the selection of other user selectable fields on the form.


+1 for this as well.

My use case: I have a form for operators to log a maintenance activity. When they pick the specific maintenance activity they did (from another table), the form needs to show the Instructions so they read them and ensure they covered all the needed steps. Currently there’s no way to show this information on the form.


+1 as well. This looks like something we could use as well. I am building an external form to add data (as normal), but want a search field in that form that can be used to verify the data doesn’t exist yet in our records. The person entering the data in the form would not have full backend access to check–only has access to the form.


Another Example for Education Environments. Having a student input their email into the form and then output their student ID Numbers, lunch balance, print allowance etc…

Yep, this feature would complete our onboarding and offboarding forms.
We need it in a way to see which person which accesses had. so we could make sure those are revoked.

:point_up: Any word on this?

+1 for this.

My use case would be product numbers followed by serial numbers.

For example, an operator needs to choose the product, then the specific serial number for that product since there could be multiple of one product.

Another road block in my plans! The data is there, just can’t display it! (Upvote)

Use case: Worker needs to fill out a form verifying some data, need to display data first for him to check “yes I verified it” while he’s entering some other relevant fields.

PLUS 1 for this feature!

Use case: Contact updating their information. Would like to be able to have them just check “yes, my current information is correct,” but can’t display information!

Yes we would like this feauture too.

Use case: We select a car in the database. The lookup field then shows which features the car should have.

the form should be able to look up the price per item and show the calculated total - in other words, not only have look up fields showing but also formula fields.

Would need this feature badly for better orientation in the forms with related information and such

This would be a great feature to add for the Asset Tracking System that I am currently creating. The idea is that when the student scans their ID to check equipment in or out, their name would pop up in a read-only field.

This would be an excellent feature.
Use-case: We have a form input field for “Class ID” that is a Lookup field. It would be great to have this pull in the name of the class via lookup, for verification.

Even better would be the ability to display the lookup info next to the lookup field (so the person could identify the right class based on the class name, not just ID)

Was looking at Airtable for an inspections app and see that with this missing, we need to look elsewhere.

Need a form or ios to scan a barcode, use that code to look up and show item info in the form, then add additional info and save.

Looks like this isn’t possible on 2 levels - firstly combining a barcode field and then using that value as a link field doesn’t seem to be supported - link fields can’t be calculated or a barcode as well, at least not that I’ve found yet.

Then as suggested here, a form entry can’t ‘look up’ and save data from a linked table.