Display Lookup Field on Forms


I need to view reference data in order to complete my form.

I saw another request for this back in 2016. Is this feature anywhere on the roadmap?

Thank you,


+1 for this feature!


Could you explain with an use case? I don’t get it :blush:


If you are completing a form that includes a record link, you might select a person’s name and then you might want to be able to see what the person’s favorite color is, without leaving the form. If the form could pull the favorite color data over after you selected the person’s name, that would be great.


Here’s another typical example…

You enter a product and quantity and want to see a total price - the form should be able to look up the price per item and show the calculated total - in other words, not only have look up fields showing but also formula fields.


This is exactly what I need, though for a unique purpose, so definitely upvoting it!

Here’s my use case…

Depending on the selection of a link to another record, I would like to display a lookup on that field. The link to the record is a list of options, and the lookup is a URL specific to that option. I’ve got about 200 option / URL pairs. The URL is needed by the form submitter before they submit the form.