Display Lookup Fields alongside Linked Records in Form Views


We’re putting together an order form for our clients. The various components of that order are listed in other tables. So they use linked record fields to select which components they need for the order.


Because linked records only display the primary field, clients aren’t able to see the image of the component they’re choosing. As a workaround, we’re using helper text and shared links so they can at least see a catalogue of their options alongside the form. But representative thumbnails directly in the form would be preferred.

Current state of order form:

Catalogue example:

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Hi Zollie,

Thanks for the feedback! The only workaround that comes to mind is that if the person filling out the order is a member of the base, you can create a URL that pre-fills the right component directly in the catalogue table which they can use

I’d even recommend – if I was so bold – to use the new Button to create a “Order this item” button that pre-fill that item in the order form!

Hope that helps & appreciate the feedback

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That’s a clever thought, Aron. Unfortunately:

  • I don’t think it would fit the schema *
  • We’re hoping to avoid adding client collaborators for now

* A given Order is comprised of number of records from additional linked tables - such as a Props, Background Images, and Products. Together they create an image we’ll be producing. So if the collaborator is indicating their interest in a given Product, for example, then the prefill will only have populated one portion of that order form - it wouldn’t have carried over information about the Prop or Background Image.

Have you spoken with Dan at @openside about the On2Air: Forms product? I worked with him on some projects last year, and he’s got a way to have a text/image combo as part of a drop-down list, thanks to how his tool integrates with Jotform.


On2Air: Forms looks pretty awesome @Justin_Barrett and @openside. I’ll definitely be weighing it against the current implementation.

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We’ve built a form that supports showing lookup fields inside the form, including images. You can check out the demo on this page for an example:

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