Display photos in page designer block

I have a base with several tabs that I use to create a budget for a project. My issue is kind of hard to describe, so here’s a link to the base, so you can see what I’m trying to explain:

In one tab, called “personnel sandbox”, I list multiple potential hires for each open position. Each entry includes a headshot. This links to the “Budget Master” tab, which feeds a page designer block. I’m trying to get the headshots to display in a pleasing way on the page. I would like it to look something like, for each position, a bulleted list of the 3 or so candidates, and below that, their headshots. The issue is that, either I can only show all the headshots together, not separated out by position, (see the photos below the tracking engineers, which includes photos for both tracking engineers and bass players), or, if I used a filtered view to show only the relevant headshots below each position, they will only display as tiny tiny thumbnails, which looks pretty bad (see the photos next to the bass players, that are tiny and are not re-positionable relative to each other).

One work around I can think of is, in the “Personnel Costs” tab, to create a column for every single department and link those to the “Budget Master” tab, so that in the Budget Master tab, there’s a column for each position, and then I can do a look up that only shows the relevant headshots. But, that is so many columns, and makes the base more cumbersome to use.

Is there some way to do a filtered lookup so that I can have a lookup column in Budget Master that looks at the personnel column and only shows the relevant headshots? Or is there another solution I’m not thinking of?

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