Display product list with updated price


I want to display product list with updated price of product day by day. if it is possible in airtable please provide the guideline for the same.


2 tables:

Table 1 = “Products”; each row represents a product

Table 2 = “Pricing Schedules”; each row represents a schedule of prices

Table 2 will have a field for each product in the Products table where the price will go. The primary field will be the date. You’ll make a new record there for each day, where the price for each product is defined for that day.

Then you will link the new price schedule to each Product in the Products table every day.


Dear Sir,

this is not working in my case, i want to show the single latest price for each product but its display the last value also.

please suggest the way to display the latest value only

Thank You


Sorry, I didn’t quite flesh out that whole process.

On Table 2, where you have your price schedules, you need a “Date” field where you put each day’s date when the price was set.

In Table 1, use a Rollup field to retrieve the MAX(values) date from Table 2.

Back in Table 2, use a Lookup to retrieve that date. Use another field with a formula to check if the “Date” for the price matches that MAX() date. If so, populate that field with the Price.

Back in Table 1, create a Lookup field that looks up that Price in the Formula field.


Dear Jeremy,

Thanks it worked just fine, but i have a problem to apply that in my base because i have quotations and purchases in table 2 and when two or more quotations or purchases of the same productare dated the same day i have more than just one value in the product price, and i need to have only one to get all my products updated, can you help me?



Include the time in your date fields so that records with the same date are still distinguishable by the MAX() function.