Display records, which link to recent record?


Hi Guys,

i’ve been searching around, nothing found so far. Maybe my question is dumb since i’m pretty new to airtable - maybe not :slight_smile:

Following Problem:
I have a table “Contacts” in which i store my contacts. i have two sorts of records in this table: companies and persons, which work for companies. Sometimes my contact person changes. What i want to do, is to display that. My idea is, to have a record for the Company and a record for the Contact Person. Now i want to have a field “Linked to Company”, in which i can link the record of the Contact Person to the record for the company.

What i don’t get, is: When showing the record for the contact person, how can i display the record linking to that recent record? I can only see a link to the Person-record in the Company-Record…

I hope u guys know, what i mean :slight_smile:
Maybe one of you has another suggestion to this issue “How to have multiple Contact Persons per Company”

Thanks in advance

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You need to have at least 2 tables:

  • Companies: name, address, and so on
  • People: as you have now with Contacts.

You could have 2 relations: one for the current contact Person, one for the pasts ones. In fact, I’d have a third table to store a Contacts Log, where you could have start and end date, position in the company, and so on.

Check this demo: