Display unique values in a lookup

Hi all - here’s my set up:

Table 1 - [3 designs] with [multiple components each]
Table 2 - [many interview questions] each tagged with [a specific design component] and [one of 3 interview guide types]

In Table 1, I link to the interview questions for each component. This is great! I can see which interview questions have been developed for each component.

In Table 1, I also want to include which guides the component is tested in. If I add the lookup, it repeats the guide name for every single question. This gives me a set of ~10 “Student” tags and ~10 “Advisor” tags - I really just want to know which of the 3 guide options (student, advisor, instructor) each component is tested in.

Is this possible?

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You cannot get a lookup field to display only unique values. However, you can get a rollup field to show only unique values. Rollup fields are very similar to lookup fields, except that you can use formulas and you loose some formatting.

Try the ARRAYUNIQUE(values) formula for the rollup.

Perfect, thank you! That solves what I wanted.

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