Display value of linked field


I have looked around and I can’t seem to find information on this although it does seem that it should be possible: When I format a field as a linked field, I get the key field - I would like the possibility to display a different column in a manner similar to hlookup in excel - does this ability exist?

This would also seem to be the answer to the display value in the calendar view - the key value is useful in that it is unique but does not display the useful information contained in the row. For example, I would like to see the billing values on the calendar - not the billing number. I did a bit of a workaround using concatenate, but it is not an elegant solution…

Otherwise - the concept of an open online database is something that I have been hunting for for years, so you get 5 stars on app with most potential this year!! Good job…


Ok - I figured out how to use lookup - it works in this manner - sorry. Also rollup is great.


Does that also work for Calendar view? I haven’t figured out yet how to see a field other than the primary key field when in a calendar view.


If it’s really important to you what you see in calendar, you can always change your name field to be more significant --like a formula condensing that which is most relevant to you in that view-- provided it is somehow still useful in your grid views.


That works, thank you. I just didn’t want to change the primary field to be something non-unique, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter as long as I have another unique field somewhere in each record. I track inspections, and it wasn’t helpful to just see the autoID number in calendar. I’ve made it now so I can see the information I want.

Thank you!


Excellent! You can also use a formula to pull the record ID which is unique, and have that in another field. It’s not clean, like an autonumber, but if you get ghost rows (I think that’s what they’re called) autonumbers can get gaps.