Display video thumbnail

It would be usefull to display a thumbnail of video files in attachement fields.


Hey @Pierre-Alexandre_Pap I also wanted video attachments to show at least a thumbnail.
So I wrote a Chrome extension that puts the actual videos in Airtable previews, and autoplays them.
For now the extension only works with Gallery views (not in Grid view lists).
And I should mention that I cannot release it yet because in its current form it requires to input your Airtable api credentials.
I may release that extension at some point though if I find time to finish it. I’ve just set up a Patreon today, I don’t know, if enough people seem interested I could speed up the development of this thing.
Check it out: Airtable video preview - Chrome extension - devlog (v0.2.0) - YouTube

I think there’s an app for that. There’s one app for URL preview (and it accepts Youtube links) and there’s an Video preview as well.

I know this is an older post, but I very much agree– love having the video player!, but I’m still generating thumbnails for every video manually by taking an uploading a screenshot and then ordering it to be the first attachment.

Are there any plans to have video thumbnails auto-generated?