Displaying full text on multiple select options on form

Hello everyone,

We are doing a survey through an AirTable form but we need to display the content both in English and in French. Everything works just fine until we have long text options to a multiple/single select field, that are in both languages, and we need it to display the whole text. For example:

As you can see, we can’t see half of the text for each option.

Is there a way to display the full text?

Thank you very much!

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I spent some time beating on this with a few sneaky tricks, and I can’t find a way to force Airtable forms to wrap the text in a multi- or single-select item. (In addition, since you’re using forms, you can’t use an initial language choice to cause a branch between French and English selections.) My guess is you have two options: Create parallel French and English surveys with a separate form view defined for each language that hides the unchosen language, or use Typeform or JotForm to build a front end to an Airtable base…


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