Do base collaborators have access to the whole workspace?

Is it possible to give someone access to just a base and not the whole workspace?

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Yes. All users with permissions that are not an “Owner” of a workspace are limited to the bases they’ve been assigned. Note that you’ll be paying for any of those users as well. If you’d like to share with free users, then you’re limited to forms and read-only links.

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Adding to/Clarifying Zollie’s note here:

You can have workspace collaborators who will have access to all bases in the workspace.

You can also provide base level access. Base collaborators will not have access to other bases in the workspace.

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Additional clarification on your comment.

Does this mean you limit collaborators access to see specific rows in a database? I have created a database but I don’t want my collaborators to have access to all the information. Just specific ones. How do I do that?

You can restrict what data read-only / free users are seeing via share links.

Whereas any collaborator of a base can see all the data. The only way to restrict what this type of user can see is by not letting them into the base.

Note, here we’re talking about “bases” but the original question related to workspaces.