Do CSV Import Block work on IFrame?

We have used CSV Import block, and it work well. But when we integrate it into our website using iframe, it seems that CSV Import block didn’t work.
Do CSV import block work within an iframe?


Thank you.

The CSV import block can’t be embedded in an iframe right now. Can you share a bit more about the problem you’re hoping to solve by embedding the block on your website?

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Thank you for the response.
We would like to enable users on our website to add records by uploading an Excel / CSV file.
Is there any way to do that?

Got it, thanks for sharing. There isn’t a way to do that with blocks at the moment, but you can do it with the REST API ( you can have users upload the Excel/CSV file on your website, process them on your server to get the rows out, and then make API calls to the base to create the corresponding records.

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