Do each scripting block count against plan limits per base?

I was wondering:
Do all scripting apps count against my app limit of my plan?
For example in Pro Plan => 10 apps per base
So when I have 10 scripting blocks inside one base I am already on the limit?
If so, does the fact, that there are 2 paying users change this limit to 20?
Help / Feedback really appreciated.
Thanks in advance

No, scripting apps are exempt from the limit.

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The number of collaborators in a base does not affect how many app installations there can be in that base.

You can have unlimited instances of the Scripting App, or any app you’ve developed yourself through the Block API.

In addition to the above, you can have up to 10 installations of some other app (Pro Plan). That means you can have, for example, ∞ Scripts, 7 Charts, and 3 Page Designers. Or 10 Embeds. Or 9 Amplifys and 1 Dedupe. Etc.


Thanks for the fast and clear feedback.
Good to have the unlimited scripting blocks.
Bad that the amount of paying users for a shared base does not stack up the app number.

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Yeah, for a while, Airtable was making increasingly hostile decisions against their customers. There are small glimmers of hope that they might be respecting their customers more in the future, but we shall see what happens. I’m hoping that things change for the better, but I have no definitive knowledge of any concrete plans yet.

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