Do not share ANY data with the outside world


Hi. Is it possible to completely turn off sharing of the views? Our company data is private and confidential and I want to be able to completely turn off data sharing via:

  • shareable grid view link (allows read only access to an entire view) or
  • form view (allows data input into the base table)

If this cannot be done we cannot use Airtable; it is a deal breaker for us. I am surprised there does not appear to be a simple option some where to do this. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help offered. Jim

Hi @James_Meehan,
I don’t believe you can turn these options off.
I am curious as to how it differs to the many other ways you can copy and send data that need to be activated by the user?
Hope you find the solution you need!

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Thanks for your help @M_Godfrey I would be happy with something as simple as disabling the “Share view” button if that could be done.

I do agree that it’s a security risk that Airtable gives everyone (including read-only collaborators) the ability to share an Airtable database with anyone they desire to share it with. This could potentially be thought of as a 7th security issue with Airtable — I outline the other 6 security issues here.

You may want to check out Stacker, which gives people access to your Airtable database, but limits what they can do with that data.

Although, even with Stacker’s extra security, note that attachment URLs (once distributed) are still always accessible by the general public — even after the attachments are deleted from the database.

Thanks for your help @ScottWorld As much as I like Airtable I cannot use it at my organisation with its current security flaws. I will have a look at Stacker and see how it compares.

I agree with you. While Airtable is easy, fun, playful, popular, and affordable, it should not be used at any organizations who need real security with their databases.

If Stacker doesn’t work out for your needs: For a true relational database system with enterprise-strength security and zero security holes, you may want to check out FileMaker, which is the other database program that I am an expert in.

If you need someone to help you with Stacker/Airtable or create an expert FileMaker system for you, feel free to send me a private message.

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