Do you guys use sort & filter a lot?

I use sorting and filtering a lot but am not too happy with it. It feels quite manual. I use vim and keyboard shortcuts often so anything to do with the mouse annoys me. I feel like airtable would be amazing if it had some sort of launch controller to do many popular tasks, like sorting and filtering. I threw together a design of what this could look like here, just hit space bar to go to the next image: Figma

Do you guys use sort and filter a lot, or am I the only one?

There are some keyboard shortcuts you can use. While you’re logged into your base, click on the “Help” menu in the upper right and choose “Keyboard Shortcuts”.


never spotted that, thanks for the tip.

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Hotkeys aside, I do use sorting and filtering quite a bit, but mostly in static views. In other words, if I find myself needing/wanting the same sort and/or filter setup a lot, I’ll build a view for it. That way I don’t need to mess with changing filter/sort options a lot.

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