Document Scanner


I’d like to use the Airtable app as my primary document Scanner.

I love using Airtable to track expenses. And, f course, it is nice to include an image of the related receipt or invoice.
Airtable’s iOS app allows users to snap pictures using your phone’s camera, however, it would be great if I could use the app to create a “scanned document”. Apps like Evernote and DropBox do this well so I typically use those apps to scan my documents but it would be nice to skip this step.

Thanks Airtable!


I second this request. To be able to organize all tax receipts and donation receipts without leaving airtable would be a great addition.


Do it with zapier? I do, and it works really well. I trigger the zap with a new file in a dropbox folder. Granted - that doesn’t allow me to do it “without leaving Airtable”, but I do skip the step of attaching manually.


Jan, any chance you could explain how? thx!