Does a Website Have API



I have a question. I want to collect some data from this website, below. I would like to know if it has API capabilities and/or if I could do web scraping, either by Goggle Sheets IMPORTXLM or a written script for MacBook. I have a lot of new records, which requires postsge stamp data to be inputted and I would like to use Integromat to automatically integrate this into my Airtable base, with data from the website below:

If anyone can help with my question, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


I don’t see any indication there’s a published API — which isn’t too surprising, as such a catalog represents a significant investment in IP, one the owner would probably be hesitant to provide free to its competition. (Indeed, the only philately-related site I could find with a published API is — whose collectible catalogs are crowd-sourced. There also seems to be no publicly available information about the API; seemingly, you tell them what you’d like to do with it, and if they approve, they’ll send you a key and. presumably, documentation.)

As to the question of screen-scraping — and ignoring all questions of legality — I’ll have to defer to someone else. The last screen-scraping code I tried to write was in Perl and pre-CSS2, so what little I remember about it, if not completely wrong, is certainly out-of-date…


Hi @W_Vann_Hall

You are very clever! :grinning:

Thank you for this website. I did not know anything about it.

I did a quick search for some of the stamps and it had the information that I require, although, I just checked a few stamps, so here’s hoping.

I will contact them and see if they can help with the API aspect.

Thank you,