Does Airtable have this kind of function?

I am looking for a function that :

there are two table1 and table 2,
and if I update or add data on table1, it automatically syncs to table 2.

and on table 2, I wanna make a column that doesn’t relate with table 1. it should be isolated.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable has different methods of propagating data from one table to the next.
The most common method uses linked records. Records in table1 are linked with records in table2. You can then use lookup and rollup fields to automatically show data from one table in the other table. However, if you add a new unlinked record, any links would not be automatically made.

Other methods of passing data between tables are possible using automations or integrations.

If you need more information, can you give some more specifics on your use case?

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