Does anyone currently use Airtable as a platform for Account Management or Customer Success?

I would like to invite Customer contacts to base (projects) where we actively collaborate with them from the first day they have signed the contract.

Hi @Ben_Hong

I had initially started on a base to do this very thing a while back.

At my day job, I head up Customer Success for a small SaaS company and we never really found the ‘right’ solution in all the purpose built tools out there.

Not sure what other tools you guys currently use but I was looking to try and integrate the data from our different systems (Pipedrive, Intercom) into Airtable to help inform my team as to what their next steps should be.

I got distracted and moved on to other things. But if you’re interested would be happy to talk with you and share what I had so far. Just drop me a direct message.

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