Does anyone have a trick to format nicely grid view when printing?


I need to print a grid view of records and I find it strange to have so little options…
I need to have a title, I would like to select title font and size and line weight… basic stuff.
I know I can use the layout block but it only spans across one page and it’s impossible to attach fields to the bottom of a table (like sums)… this means you are constantly adjusting layout depending on the number of record you have. this is not very practical. Plus it is common for me to have more than one page of data…
how would you do it ?



I just found a tool called report bin that seams to do just that.
it’s cool that it exists but shouldn’t this be a basic function of airtable ?
maybe new functions in the page designer block ? or a new block ?
@Katherine_Duh @Howie @Emmett_Nicholas any plans on supporting this ?
thanks for making airtable such a great tool.