Does Google have access to my Base information with the Map App?

My company helps provide aid to individuals in very life-threatening situations in other countries. Their personal identities and whereabouts are closely guarded for their safety. Each person is a record in our base. We would like to map out individuals by city in the Map App in order to help with basic logistical planning. My only question is:

Does using the Map App (Google Geocoding API) enable Google access to any information in the Base/Table/View outside of the 2 columns (location-text column and Geocoding Cache column) required to set the Map App up???

Thanks for any insight into possible security issues implementing the Map App!

Not to my knowledge, but only Airtable staffers can say for sure. Best to write to Airtable support directly for their input (if you haven’t already done this).

After talking to Airtable Support, they assured me that Google does NOT have access to any columns besides the location columns. Great news for us. Thanks for your help!

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