Does it exist? Formula for field to combine art/names for specific tracks

Hey all!

Got a question for y’all:

Say I’ve got three tables.

  • Albums
  • Songs on each album (each song has an environment attached)
  • Environments (this is a finite list of pictures with name labels that are used for reference in the ‘Song on each album’ table)

In the album tab, I’m looking to create a field that lists/combines the environment used from the first and last track of each album to send out for reference. The first and last track is always called ‘FT’ or ‘LT’ in the ‘Songs on each album’ table.

Any insight here? Found this, but it looks like more of a lateral way to do combinations (and it doesn’t have to be pictures – can just be the names of the environments/pictures, if that makes sense).

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