Don't cut off primary field name in Kanban view

This hurts Kanban view to me, as it prevents me from easily seeing the full task name. It’s cut off regardless of the primary field being a single line text field or long text field. Perhaps a compromise would be only to display the full primary field if it was a long text field.


Yes, this is a killer.

Our team constantly complain about not being able to read titles.

All Airtable need to do is have the Title wrap on to next line.


Please fix this… it makes this very hard to use for user stories

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Yes, this is the huge glaring problem with Kanbans. They’re essentially unusable, so my clients have mostly stopped using them. Seems like such a simple fix.


Has this gotten fixed yet? I hate their Kanban view because of this… almost prefer to migrate everything out of AT at this point

I would email about fixing this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for them to do anything about it.