Double-click to customize field type

Am I going crazy? As of this afternoon, when I double-click on field headers, only the field title goes into edit mode. Until now, double-clicking the field header would open the customize field type modal.

If anyone from Airtable HQ is seeing this and this was an intentional decision, PLEASE change it back. It’s killing my workflow when building bases with many, many fields.


I just now realized that modifying the field title has been removed from the customize field type modal. Now I’m afraid I’m not going crazy and this was an intentional design decision. I’m sure Airtable HQ has their reasons, but like a classic longtime user, I hate it. :wink:

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This sounds like another ill-thought-out user interface change by the Airtable Team, and you’re one of the lucky ones who was randomly selected to be in on the testing of this new feature!

PLEASE voice your complaints about this (with screenshots & videos, if possible) in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category, because sometimes the Airtable Team checks in there, and your voice could make a big difference in preventing another bad interface decision from affecting all of us.

Even those of us who aren’t in the testing group of this new feature can still chime in on your thread there as well.

Also, sending feedback to them at is very helpful as well.


I was also seeing same user interface changes. However, they were short lived. I am now experiencing the normal behavior.


I am experiencing this as well. This is awful!

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Just saw another thread that you started on this topic. I suggest deleting that one and focusing the discussion here.

If it’s still showing the “new” behavior, I suggest restarting your browser (or the desktop app if that’s what you’re running) and seeing if that changes anything. If not, could you share a screenshot? I’ve still got the normal/classic/old behavior here, even after refreshing everything.


I did start a product suggestion last night at Scott’s suggestion.

@Justin_Barrett, I probably should have waited for Tyler to do it, so he could delete this post. I was feeling hasty to get this fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Paul_Warren1 thanks for creating the suggestion. Saved me from having to do it myself!

I second sending feedback to support. You can be sure that your message will be read if it is a support request. However, posting on the thread also helps other community members think of how they feel about alternatives.

While I don’t like some of the current changes, I’m hoping that we’ll end up with something even better than what we had before. I just hope that the changes don’t take as long as the changes for the view sidebar.

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I have been waiting to see how this resolves itself. I have multiple Airtable tabs open in Chrome and I have different double click behavior happening in the tabs (on the same field/table). I definitely like the traditional dialog box, not the new field name change. Is there anything I can do to control the double click behavior on a field column?

Traditional Double Click Dialog Box:
Traditional Dialogue Box

New Double Click Field Name Change:
New Field Name Change

[I liked the UI discussion at the bottom of this post.]

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