Download attachments via API keeping the original file name


I would like to download attachments via API or download link keeping the original file name. I managed so far to download all attachments using the URL airtable generates for each attachment using a HTTP get request to the link. The issue is that when downloading through the URL it gives new generic names for all files such as:
file (1)
file (2)


Do any of you know a solution to this? I am currently setting this up in Integromat.


The URL contains the name of the attachment at the end with “illegal characters” removed, and when you manually download the attachment from the URL, it will preserve this name as your filename.

But the Airtable API always returns the original filename for an attachment (with no substitutions at all) as the value for the “filename” property.

If you’re getting generic filenames in Integromat, then you haven’t specified the filename that you want to use for the specific module that you’ve chosen. There are no “download” modules for Airtable, so you must be using another web service to grab the file.

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Thanks so much for the explanation Scott!

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