Download CSV from embedded view


I have an embedded view of my base on my site using the “Card Layout”. I am using Card Layout vs Standard due to the search. When i search on the card layout it only shows the proper results vs the standard layout just highlighting the results. No matter if i Search or just use a filter to populate my results, when i download the CSV from the embedded view on the site it exports all records instead of just what is searched or filtered. Does anyone have a solution to this?


Search is not the same as Filter. The first is just to look quickly for a string in the View, the second is to really have in the View the records you want based on conditions.

If you download a CSV from a View that has Filters, you only get the Records that are in that View (I’ve just tested with Gallery and Grid views).

BTW, what you mean with Cards and Standard? I think Stardard is Grid, but Kanban and Gallery have cards.


As far as the cards go, it is the same as the mobile view. If you go to create a shareable grid view link, then click embed this view on your site, on the next screen tick the option for “Use card layout on desktop”. By using this view, when you search for something it removes everything except what you search for vs when you use the standard grid view and all it does is highlight the results.


I know that from within Airtable itself, if i “filter” my results, then i can export those results no problem. But i am just trying to figure out a way to do that from an embedded view. In my embedded views i can filter and or search but no matter which way i do it, when i try to export those results, it exports then entire view and not just what is filtered.


Ok I see, if you add Filter to the embedded View, and you download the CSV, the new Filter is not applied to the CSV. Seems like if this was a temporary View, I don’t know if this is a bug or maybe it is kind of a “read only version”.

BTW, I want to insist that Search is not the same as Filter. If you search and download CSV, what you get is right. But if you filter, what you get is not the same as in the Airtable base itself.

Maybe @Airtable_Team or @Katherine_Duh could help? :sweat_smile:


Correct, i understand the difference between searching and filtering i just using that as a reference. the embedded view is a read only view because i dont see a way to embed an editable view. I was just thinking that if i was to apply filters to the view, then when you export the results it would export the filtered results instead of the whole view. I guess there isnt a way around this except to use the API and make my own interface?


I think this is a bug, but maybe is intended to work this way.