Download snapshots?


I’m finding that Airtable does so many things right, and I want to use it in my nonprofit for client/case/volunteer management, but I’m hesitant to throw all of our eggs in that basket without the ability to locally back up the data—at least once in awhile—including attachments. It would be very valuable to us to be able to download the snapshots, and then restore from them later, if needed. (Note: I’m assuming that snapshots include attachments…that would be key)



We’re working on improved export/snapshot functionality: You will be able to export a .zip containing (1) CSVs with data for all tables in your base, and (2) each attachment uploaded to your base.

In the meantime, you can jump through a few hoops to achieve the same thing by exporting each view to CSV, and then programmatically (or manually) downloading each attachment referenced in the CSV.

Thank you for the feedback!



Is there an update on when this will be available?



This addresses my exact concern. I can’t go all in unless I promise my company a way out



The feature still isn’t available, but out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why the CSV export approach doesn’t work?



Howie, it’s just a chore. And the more difficult it is, the less we’ll do it.



Can this be done view the API or in some automated fashion?



Part of the chore that we see has to do with maintaining the data types. If a new table is created from a CSV, all columns are imported as type Single line text. If you want to maintain all the work you did setting up formulas and display formats and a host of other data type issues, you need to do a copy/paste of all the data that you’ve stashed away in an export.

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The .zip file with CSV and attachments would mostly satisfy my needs.



Upvote for this. Agree with Chris regarding dl of .zip files. I’m using a table to track expenses. Would be awesome for somebody with access to be able to dl all receipts at once. I realize I can compress the source folder and email it to collaborators/viewers separately, but the more done in the app the better…

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Any further news on the development of this feature? I have a need to export a view with attachments, and it would be a lot of work to download each attachment after a CVS export. I’m not aware of another way to automate that process in Airtable. Is there?

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Glad to see I’m not alone. Using air table for all my work but concerned the only backup source is with air table. The more I use it the more concerned I am that I have no other backup. Feel that this issue is being put on the long finger and after reading this I realise I’m not alone.

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Hi, any updates for having the attachments being downloaded with the csv file?
I have figured out some solution for automatic download of the urls of my attachments which is provided in the csv file. But still curious to see if a master solution would be on the way…

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We would be much more excited about moving out client tracking to this service if we knew there was an easy and frequent way to back up the data locally and restore it if necessary.

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Is there any update on this feature? Being able to download data as a backup is a key missing feature that is preventing our company from using Airtable. Bonus points if this was something that could be automated as a downloadable zip.

But until then forget about it. It is too easy to input vast amounts of data into Airtable and then lose it. I’m not going to take that risk. Might as well keep using Excel.

I hope Airtable isn’t deliberately holding this feature back in order to coerce people into upgrading into the paid version that lets you have extended snapshots. If so that would be really stupid. I don’t mind paying for Airtable, just let me have control of my data.



I’ve seen this same thing many times, so I figured we would build a way to get external backups automatically. Check out the show and tell we did for it last week here: How to set up automatic external backups for Airtable in 20 minutes