Downsides to using rich text?

Are there any downside to enabling rich text in the long text field? Any implications for Zapier or Integromat integrations?

Hello good friend!

The main thing you need to worry is compability with markdown. If you have an existing long text field that doesn’t have rich text field enabled you won’t see any impact.

If you do turn on rich text and start adding markup, you’ll have to check that the applications you’re sending that rich text use the same type of markup. In some cases you may have to go from markdown to html (see Zapier formatter guide)

Good to hear from you Max :slight_smile:


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This was a pleasant surprise. Hey Aron! That last bit about converting the markdown to HTML is exactly what I needed to hear.

Thanks for that tip.

  • Max

If you want to convert a rich text field into HTML, we’ve built an extension that allows you to do that.

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